Development Committee Tool Kit

Our goal is to raise an additional $2 Million from the community for this project.  The campaign will be directed by the Development Committee.

  • The next Development Committee meeting date is 9/3/19 at 6:30 pm at Pizza Corral

    • Major Gift Team

      • Coordinate contact of campaign donors with potential to provide a large gift.
      • Initial contacts now being made.
      • Identify team members to complete and submit foundation grant requests
      • Report contacts and results to Stacy E.
    • Community Team

      • Business Segment
        • Goal recruit 30 or more storytellers by 8/31/19
        • Invite story tellers to kick off meeting to be held (TBD).  Each Story Teller will select up to ten businesses to contact the owner by 9/30/19.
        • in person visit, give business owner information on the project and a pledge form with a request for support
        • provide a supporter sign for their business.
      • Family Segment
        • Contact influential families in the area
          • host personal events for potential donor groups
        • Outreach through
          • Schools, Churches, Neighborhood groups, etc.
          • Facebook & web site
      • Community Events
        • Represent our campaign at community events
        • Organize key events to build awareness and obtain pledges.
          • General Project Information Session in September
          • Fall Fundraising event in October
          • Other events

Campaign Materials

Key Dates

  • Tuesday 8/13/19:     Contact for Major gifts requests begins
  • Tuesday 9/3/19:       Development Committee Meeting




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