What is the purpose of the capital campaign?

  • To raise a minimum of $3.5 Million for the purpose of completing renovation of the old Festival Foods building, gifted by Barb and Dave Skogen to the Boys & Girls Club in order to establish programs and services for youth, retired individuals, the community and the School District of Holmen.

What will happen to funds already donated to the Holmen Area Community Center (HACC)?

  • These funds are now held by HACC and will be used to renovate the community center space and for youth and senior program expenses.

Are the new funds going to the Boys & Girls Club or to the Community Center?

  • The Boys & Girls Club will be the fiscal agent for the funds for the entire project.

  • If desired, the donor can designate that their donation be applied either to the Boys & Girls Club or to the Community Center.  

How can I support the project with my donation or pledge to the campaign?

  • Checks should now be made payable to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse.  Send your completed pledge form and check to:

    • Boys & Girls Club of Greater La Crosse

    • 1331 Clinton Street, La Crosse WI 54603

Can I make a multi-year pledge to support the project?

  • Yes, pledges can be made for up to a three-year period.

Can I add to my previous pledge and if so, how do I do that?

  • To add to your previous pledge, please complete a new pledge form noting your new pledged or paid dollars.


Once the money is raised, when will the facility be open for use?

  • If construction work begins in in the spring of 2020 and then remains on schedule, the anticipated opening would be the fall of 2020.

Who will own the building when it is completed?

  • The building was gifted to the Boys and Girls Club and they will own the building.

Who will be responsible for building operations?

  • The Boys & Girls Club.

Will the new facility be called the Holmen Area Community Center?

  • The name of the facility has yet to be determined.


What type of programming space will be included in the facility?

  • The areas included in the building will include space for the BCG, the School District of Holmen, retirees and the community. The center will include spaces for arts/crafts, music, recreation, dance, gymnasium space, retiree meals and social space, as well as space for community services.

Can the gym be used by other community organizations?

  • Yes, when not being utilized by the Boys and Girls Club, the Community Center or the School District.

Will the facility receive any funding from La Crosse County, the Village of Holmen, the Town of Holland and the Town of Onalaska?

  • The Village of Holmen has already pledged dollars in support of programs and services for retirees. La Crosse County has pledged dollars toward facility development. The Townships will be encouraged to support the on-going delivery of programs within their respective budgets.

What else can I do to support the project?

  • In addition to financial contributions, consider ways to become involved with the fundraising, by offering services or talents to advance the project (i.e. grant writing, experience with youth, etc.).

  • Once the facility is open there will be multiple volunteer opportunities available.

How will ongoing operations be met once it is open?

  • As with all not for profit organizations, annual funding requires community support in addition to program fees and other income. There will be ongoing need for special fundraising activities or functions, grant applications, fees for services, community financial supports, collaborative partnerships, etc. 

Additional Comments (related to the former project and its capital campaign)

Why is the new campaign goal so high?  Didn’t the Holmen Area Community Center report fundraising success in excess of $2 Million in recent years?

  • The new campaign goal reflects funds needed for the renovation of the former Festival Foods building and addition of two gyms. This is a much larger construction project and more expensive.

  • The fundraising results announced earlier included cash, future pledges, annual payments from the Village of Holmen, donated land and construction discounts in the form of “In Kind” pledges.  For the new project we can only count the cash on hand and the confirmed pledges (promises to pay money in the future).

Why is remodeling the former Festival Foods location superior to building a new facility?

  • Utilizes a building that already exists and it is located in a prominent location

  • Allows for a larger facility with more than 2x’s the square footage (almost 40,000 sq. ft.) than the previous design.

  • Brings the Boys & Girls Club to the Holmen Area with a gymnasium

Why didn’t HACC look at renovating the former Festival Foods location before this time?

  • The building was considered when it first was put up for sale, but at the time the purchase cost was approximately $3 Million and would have required what was estimated at the time to be about an additional $2 Million in renovations.

  • What secured the Festival building now is the Skogen’s generously gifting the building to the Boys and Girls Club with an additional lead gift for renovation of the building.

What makes this current plan different from the plan that had been created by the Holmen Area Community Center Organization?

  • This project, having been gifted to the Boys and Girls Club, will operate as an inter-generational Boys and Girls Club with school and civic partnerships. In the previous model, the HACC would have been the facility owners and would have invited agencies such as the Boys and Girls Club, the School District and other agencies to be the partners.

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