New Class Ideas

Do you have professional experience or an interest in a specific area that you wish to share with the community? Are you interested in leading a program or instructing a course for members at the Holmen Area Community Center? Follow the steps below to propose your course!

Step 1: Fill out the Instructor Information Form

*This step only must be completed if you have not led a program at HACC before.*

This form helps provide us with your contact information, area of interest, and relevant credentials/experience. Once we receive your Instructor Information Form, a staff member from the Center will contact you directly via email. If your program is approved, you will complete steps 2 and 3.



Step 2: Review the Course Instructor Guide

The Course Instructor Guide provides important information for all of our instructors, including deadlines, registration and payment information, etc.



Step 3: Fill out the Course Information Form

This form provides details about your specific program including proposed date, time, minimum capacity, maximum capacity, course description, etc. An instructor must fill out a Course Information Form for each program they intend to offer. If it is a series program (i.e. every Monday at 9:00 a.m.), you may fill out one form for the series. Please remember to visit the Course Instructor Guide to ensure you submit your Course Information Forms prior to the deadline for each quarter.



Step 4: Approval

Once your program/course is approved, you will receive confirmation email from HACC staff. We will then add it to our online calendar.


For any questions on this process, please contact us at

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